Prayers to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Worrying is innate in us. We worry about lots of things because we’re thinking of negative events that will happen beyond our control. As life is always throwing up new difficulties and challenges, the list of things that we worry about is piling up – ageing parents, safety of our kids in school, job security, financial difficulties, health issues, relationship challenges, buying a house, moving to a new house, and the list goes on and on and on.

To stop our thoughts to be engulfed with worries, we should shift our focus and release our anxieties and concerns to our Lord. Instead of getting consumed with negative thoughts, all we need to do is engross ourselves in prayer. When we pray, we are turning our thoughts and hearts to be trusting – trust to God, that He will give us the graces of calm and peaceful mind and surround ourselves with the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

To lift your spirits, calm your mind and prevent the coming of weak and negative thoughts, here are some of the beautiful prayers to stop worrying and start living.

Prayer To Calm My Worried Thoughts

Dear God, I am tormented by things that are going awry. I am worried about my job, my family, my finances, and my relationships. Lord, everything seems to be collapsing around me at the same time, and I am simply coming to You as I have nowhere else to turn.

I know that You are the God of Peace and Love, and I come to You because the fear of the future is causing me to worry and become anxious. I know that it is not Your will that Your children are troubled about the things of this life. I know that You have told us not to fear and yet it is hard when life is becoming so confusing and difficult.

Help me, Lord, not to be so worried. Help me to settle my mind on You rather than the concerns of life. Help me to trust You in all these challenges, knowing You will carry me on Your shoulders. Thank You, Lord,


Prayer To Help Sleep At Night

Lord, our Heavenly Father, too often I lie awake at night and find that I am powerless to catch hold of sleep because my mind persists to toss and turn over all the problems of the day which seem to churn around my mind when I know that I should be sleeping soundly. I am praying to you Lord to take away all these worries inside my head and let them flow and carried away by the river.

Lord, I know that You have created our bodies in such a way that they need a daily cycle of rest, refreshment, and rejuvenation, and I pray that You would enable me to hand over all my worries and concerns to You day by day, and especially when I lie down to sleep at night-time.

Thank You, Father, that as my heavenly Shepherd You have promised to lead me beside the still waters, to make me lie down safely in green pastures, to restore my soul, and to give me Your beloved sleep in its proper time.

Thank You, Lord, for the many loved promises You give to all Your children, and I pray that tonight and in the days ahead, that I will both lie down and sleep soundly on my bed at night in peace, for You alone can make me dwell in safety. This I ask in the name of Jesus,


Prayer to Confess All My Worries

Lord God, I concede that I often worry about things, and like so many others, I find that I often worry unnecessarily about things that are happening in my life.

I ask for Your mercy and pray that You will help me to change my heart so that my worry changes to trust, and any fretfulness is replaced with Your accord and assurance.

I truly want to believe and hold Your Word, knowing that in so many places in scripture, we are prompted not to fear but to cast all our worries and concerns on You, and Lord that is the desire of my heart. Please change my heart from one that is complaining to one that depends entirely on You for all things.

I pray that Your love and grace would flood my inner soul and that any fears, anxieties, and fretfulness would disappear like the mist of the morning, as I steady my gaze on the Lord Jesus and place my trust in Your steadfast grace. Help me to seek You first in all things and trust in Your unfailing promises. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for People Who Are Full of Worries

Dear God, I lift up to you those people — especially my family and friends, who have not yet learned the grace and peace that comes from casting all our cares upon You and simply resting in Christ, but who seem to consume much of their time and effort in unsettling over the fates of life, rather than handing everything over to You in prayer.

Thank You for showing me how disgracing it is to You when we spend our time worrying, knowing that You have called us to cast all our care upon You and to trust in Your unfailing love.

Thank You, for opening my perception through Your Word, that worry not only strips us of our joy and peace in the Lord but is rooted in the sin of distrust.

Thank You for giving me a better understanding that You alone are the One that will replace unreasonable worries with divine wisdom. You alone provide the tranquility that passes understanding when our minds are stayed on You, rather than fretting about those things that You have promised to initiate on our behalf.

So open their understanding I pray, that all who are Your children will truly learn the joy and peace that comes when we give all our worry to You. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer to God for Peace of Mind

Lord God, You have given us harmony with God through the blood of Christ Jesus our Saviour and the forgiveness of sins, and have promised us the peace of God to guard and govern our hearts, in every circumstance of life.

Keep me Lord, from allowing my heart to become depressed, dismayed or hesitant, and help me to take every worrying thought that disturbs my mind captive, and to hand it straight over to You, knowing how adverse and misleading it is when a heart is not settled on the promises of God’s Word.

Keep the eyes of my heart thoroughly fixed on my Lord Jesus, for I know that whoever looks to You is kept by the mighty power of God, for nothing can rattle the one that is founded and secured on Christ, the solid Rock.

Thank You, Lord, for the pledge of pure peace of mind that You leave with all Who know and love You as Lord and Saviour, in Whose name I pray, Amen.

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