Prayers for Healing America and Turning to God

America is impairing and experiencing extreme pains. Political divisions, pandemics, racial inequalities, and job loss have caused great ordeal and suffering. We are called to be salt and light on the earth. As Christians, we can start healing our land through prayer and action. Let us come together not just by words but a faith that produces works. The love and blessing of God can begin turning the wave of America.

We look to You and to You, only, Lord. Help us make careful decisions that move our country in the right leadership. Help us to do our part in praying and in staying with what we know is right according to the truth of Your Word. Teach us to make our actions count and our words matter and line them both up to Your sense of righteousness, not ours. Guide us with Your eye; grip us with Your capable arm; teach us what we need to know to make our lives – and our nation – count for you.

A Prayer for Our Country

Lord God and Heavenly King, You alone are the Lord of the earth and King of the universe, and You alone can strengthen and rebuild the United States Of America and bring us back under Your own Sovereign rule.

Give our President, jointly with his advisors and the whole of his administration, the prudence, and grace to turn from the ungodly path that they are following, and may they set this nation back on the path of trusting in God.

Motivate all our congressmen to endeavor for honesty and wisdom in all the judgment and decisions they make, and may those that are entrusted as judges and lawmakers, likewise act in fairness, equality and integrity as they work for the benefit of all people, and to the honour of Your holy name.

Heavenly King, we place our nation at your feet and pray that we may once again accept and serve You as a nation. May Your will be done in the once greatest nation of the world, the United States of America.


Prayer for the President of United States of America

Dear God of the heavens, King of all the nations and Governor of all peoples, we are praying for our President to You today, for You have called on all Your people to pray solemnly for kings, rulers, presidents and leaders of the nations.

Lord, we know that You set up all those position of power and rule and exclude leaders from their soaring seats as You see fit, and we also know that You give the nations the leaders they rightly deserve. Lord, we bring our President to You, knowing that many in our land are concerned with the decisions that he, and those around him are making on behalf of our people. Lord, we know that You can turn the hearts of all men who are open to Your leading, and that You also use the unsound decisions of kings and rulers to forward Your own sovereign plans and directions.

We ask that You turn the heart of our President into a man with insight and wisdom, and the courage to put the honour of God first and the cause of Christ Jesus at the limelight of his decisions and actions, so that we may once again return You to Your rightful position, at the helm of our once great nation.

Fulfil now O Lord, the plans that You have purpose for our President and for our country. We pray that Your sovereign purpose for our nation be carried out in our land, and may we cry, “Your will be done.” In Jesus’ name, 


Prayer for An Awakening in America

Dear God,

Thank you for your great power. We praise you for your Truth. We are thankful that you have set us free from the gripping grasp of sin and death. Would you be with your people, granting your grace, bestowing your freedom, administering your protection, and vesting with your strength? We ask that you’d bring about a renewal of your presence as never seen before. We ask that your Name be proclaimed, that all plans to silence the Name of Jesus would be prevented and crushed. We pray that many would come to know you as Lord and Savior, we pray that many would see your Light, that you would open blind eyes and release those still imprisoned. Amen.

Prayer for America Who Has Lost Its Way

Loving Lord, I come to You to lay the once great nation of the United States of America at Your feet, knowing that our great country and it’s constitution was made for a righteous and moral people and is wholly lacking any other form of government, and yet we have lost so far from the principles and forms of our great founders, who drew up our constitution based on Your Word.

But Lord, although this was once the land of the brave and the home of the free, sadly there is so much that is amiss with our country that I fear for its future. Lord, as a people we have walked away from You and disproved Your holy name by the way that we have acted ourselves over the past few years and there is no health in our land.

Look down in pity on our people and our land, and protect us from those that seem determined on ruining our nation. Send Your Spirit I pray, through the land of America, and touch the hearts of all those that are called by Your name to plead on behalf of our people. Condemn those that are damaging our infrastructure and as a nation may we turn away from our corrupt ways and return You to Your rightful position, in honesty and integrity.

I ask this in Jesus’ name, 


Prayer for Elected Government to Act Wisely

Loving Lord and justice of all the tribe, we come before You in grief of spirit, knowing that our once good nation has fallen into such a wistful and sorry state of mend. Strengthen us we pray, and rescue us, for we have no help, except from You alone.

Guide the administrators, lawmakers, officers and all those men and women that are in senior positions of power, both in local and national government. Give them compassion and wisdom to guide our nation back from the path of ruin, and onto the path where God is the One in Whom we place our trust.

Lord, we know that when a nation turns their back on You, they have turned from the path of democracy. We pray that in Your grace and patient loving-kindness, You would bring us back to the place where You are honored in this land so that we may once again be a nation of free people.

Forgive us for our insanity and from veering from the path of truth onto this winding path to destruction. Forgive us that You have not been placed in Your deserved position in the governance of our nations, and may we turn back to Yourself, both individually and nationally. In Jesus’ name,


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